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सोनिया गांधी का पहेला प्यार FRANCO LUISON : पढ़ीये पूरी कहानी

Sonia Gandhi's First Love affair!
This is a Love Story that the Indians may not know! This had happened before Antonia Maino ever met Rajive Gandhi in England! So we wish to call this 'EXCLUSIVE' for our Indian Readers!

Franco Luison, recollects in this interview to an Italian magazine 'GENTE' of his four years of love story before she had met with Rajive.

My love affair with Antonia Maino 
"We were in love and happy everywhere"
Our family were very happy and eager to know that we were in love. Her parents uses to accommodate me with great pleasure at their home of Orbassano near Turin where they were transferred in the 60's.

She loved me and wanted to marry me, not the son of Indira.

We met for the first time at the see shore of Jesolo in the 60's, when she was 14.

I was 26 when I met her for the first time under the shade of my beach umbrella, then I was famous, not Sonia! It seemed like a summer flirt for the first time but lasted for four years and our respective families were happy to see us together. Every sunday, after match, I used to go to Orbasano to meet her.  Her family always received me with great pleasure and courtesy.   Will remain with her until tuesday, before return for the practice.
Antonia with Franco

Football was not her passion, though rarely turns up in stadium to see me in action. When finish the championship, during the summer, we used to go to
Vicenza  for weekends!

I was the first great lover of Antonia. Our love story lasted for 4 years. She wanted me to promise her to marry, but I use to postponed each time. Then she went to England where she met Rajiv Gandhi.

In 1964 she made a decision to go to England. Though I wasn't happy, she made her trip. She narrated me in her letters everything she was doing. Once she came back for vacation and spoke of Rajive, son of
Indira Gandhi, and "I'm invited to meet his mother and will be going to Delhi soon", she added. When she came back from New Delhi, she was convinced that will marriage Rajive Gandhi.
Though it hurt me very much, farewell to our four years relation wasn't very tragic and our goodbye was in a very gentle manner.

He still keeps friendship with her family, and meets them at-least twice an year to exchange gifts during feasts. Nora, wife of Franco remember: "I was jealous of Sonia, for all his friends use to speak about her when I started our relation in the late 1964. "I was afraid one day Sonia would come back and I will loose Franco!" she added.

So, Rajive Gandhi was her 'second' love at first sight!

This is an interview published on GENTE, an Italian Magazine to Franco Luison by Luca Angelucci.
Cover story: 'La mia storia d'amore con Sonia'
(GENTE, Year XLVIII N.23, 2004 June 3)
Antonia Maino
Born at Lusiana, a small town in the province of Vicenza,  Veneto,  Italy, later transferred to Orbassano  in the Province of TurinPiedmont region Italy. While studying English at a language school in Cambridge, England, she met Rajiv GandhiThe couple married in 1968 and knows as Sonia Gandhi.


Franco Luison (15July 1934 - 25 September 2012)
Luison the cat
Franco Luison died on 25 September 2012

Sonia Gandhi ( 9 December 1946)
The twist tutor 
Encyclopaedia Britannica 
Love at first sight
This is an interview published on GENTE, an Italian Magazine to Franco Luison by Luca Angelucci
GENTE, Year XLVIII N.23, 2004 June 3)
 साभार :

एक नजर यहाँ जरूर करे
भारत मे प्रतीबंधीत सोनीया गांधी पर लीखी कीताब पढ़ीये

THE RED SARI भारत मे प्रतिबंधीत क्यू ?

कालाधन , स्विस और नापाक कॉंग्रेस सरकार : पढ़ीये खुलासा

         " कॉंग्रेस की सरकार ने जर्मनी के साथ 1995 मे एक करार कीया था जिसके चलते हाल की मोदी सरकार उन कालेधन वालो की सूची सार्वजनीक नही कर सकती है और एक लंबी कानूनी प्रक्रीया  के बाद ही मोदी सरकार वो नाम सार्वजनीक कर सकेगी क्यू की लूट मे माहीर काँग्रेस ने कीया था जर्मनी के साथ एक करार |'

कॉंग्रेस और मोदी सरकार मे ये रहा फर्क 
         ' कौन कहेता है की भारत गरीब देश है स्विस बेंक मे आज भी भारत ही सबसे ऊपर है 60 साल से दुनीया के सामने कमीने नेताने भारत को लूटकर गरीब बताया है और लूट का सारा पैसा वीदेसी बेंक मे जमा करवाया है जो कहेता है भारत गरीब देश है वो जरा ये बताये की विदेसी बेंकों मे पड़ा ये पैसा आसमान से टपका है या भारत से वहाँ भेजा गया है ? अगर वो पैसा भारत के नेताओ का है और भारत मे घोटाले करके पैसा कमाया गया है तो यकीनन ही भारत पैसेवाला देश है गरीब नही| "
आओ नजर करते है इन पैसो पर 
Black money Indian account holders in Swiss Bank- 29 names
Black money in Swiss banks mainly from India
[ Delhi-Sohail Siddiqui] Wiki leaks has claimed to be in possession of two disc’s which they say they got from Rudolf Elmer.The list has 2000 names with majority from India.The entire list is on rapid share server, the address is on port 9999[ SSL enabled].Wiki leaks claims that major share of Indian black money has been routed through Pakistan and deposits in Swiss banks started from early 70’s.
The few names of the Swiss bank Account holders, which are displayed below include names of prominent public figures and people from the corporate world.Though the wiki leaks have claimed another 985 Indian Account holders in Swiss banks.Some of the prominent names appearing are

Prabodh Mehta[ 28,000 crore], 
Chintan Gandhi[ 1956 cr.], 
Arun Mehta [2500 cr.], 
Ramdev Pasvan[3500 cr.], 
Neara Radiya[2,89,990 cr.], 
Rajeev Gandhi[1,98,000 cr.], 
Naresh Goyal[1,45,600 cr.],
Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin[10,500 cr.],
Manoj Dhupelia[9,850 cr.], 
A Raja[7,800 cr.],
Harshad Mehta[1,35,800 cr.],  
S.S.Palanimanickam[4,800 cr.], 
Ketan Parekh[8,200 cr], 
Paban Singh[3,908 cr.],
Rendezvous Sports World[29,800 cr.],
H.D.Kumaraswamy[14,500 cr.], 
C.P.Krishnan Nair[4,520 cr.], 
Lalu Prasad Yadav[29,800 cr], 
Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia[9,000 cr.]
,Kalanidhimaran[15,000 cr.], 
Karunanidhi[35,000 cr.], 
Sarath Pawar[28,000 cr.], 
Suresh Kalmadi[5,900 cr.], 
Chidambaram[32,000 cr.],
Raj Foundation[1,89,008 cr.],
Urvashi Foundation[2,89,754 cr.],
Ambrunova Trust[17,658 cr.], 
Arun Kochar[15,450 cr.], 
Prabodh Mehta[1,480 cr.].

Names of Swiss banks holding these accounts are mentioned in the chart below,some of them were having multiple main and sub accounts.The complete list of 985 more Indian’s would put the correct picture of account holders of black money in Swiss banks.
We are the first News channel in India to break this story as our commitment to high values of Journalism.But we will say we have to wait for complete list to analyze the over all Impact of this disclosure by wiki leaks.The rapid sever address mentioned above is located in Sweden and we could not procure the remaining list from the port 9999.
List of Black Money Holders from Wiki Leaks-03-08-2011

Black Money in Swiss banks mainly from India
Indian account holders in Swiss Bank- 29 names
Dear Friends,
This information was flashed this morning. There are two CDs containing many more names.
WIKILEAKS have this in footnote: "We have more than 985 will be published next day at 11:59:00 pm in port in port 9999 (SSL enabled)
Date: 02/08/2011
Time 11:59:00pm
I tried to access computer ID several times but it seems it is inaccessible at the moment. This is quite common with websites dealing with declassified information.
I am also tracking the former Swiss Bank employee responsible for this leak, who actually has the two CDs, by evening I should have more solid evidences. 
Please note that this has been known to the Court and to the Government. However, they have refused to reveal the names.

A full article exclusively for Salem-News shall be posted by evening.
Kind regards
Arun Shrivastava

Black Money in Swiss banks mainly from India
Indian money from in Swiss banks any other nationality. We have proof regarding these names, amount, and name of bank which we got from Rudolf Elmer we have 2000 names in the two discs the major share is from India. The source of income is from project hedge, From illegal share in stock market, drug deal, fake project the depositsin Swiss bank was started from early 1970s. Major share of Indian black money routed from Pakistan. We published the link in rapid share server address is on port 9999 (SSL enabled). The Indian government needs to be more aggressive in tracking the black money stashed in foreign banks since Indians depositing money in foreign banks is debasing the rupee. Otherwise Wikileaks will do the job.

Sl No. Name        Amount [INR cr]    Name of Bank    Number of Accounts

1          Prabodh Mehta       28000            LGT bank of Leichenstein       2 Main (5 sub)

2          Cintan Gandhi           1956 LGT        bank of Leichenstein             1 Main (3 sub)

3          Arun Mehta        2500 LGT        bank of Leichenstei            1 Main

4          Ramdev Paswan             3500                      Union BankairePrivee       UBP    1 Main

5          Neera Radiya                 289990           UBS                                     4 Main (13 sub)

6          Rajiv Gandhi                  198000                  UBS                                     7 Main (25 sub)

7          Naresh Goyal                  145600               Bank CA St. Gallen AG            25 Main (3 sub)

8          M Karunanidhi Stalin      10500            Alternative Bank ABS           10 Main (5 sub)

9          Manoj Dhupelia               9850               LGT Bank of Leichestein        2 Main 95 sub)

10        A Raja                              7800                 Aareal Bank AG                      1 Main (3 sub)

11        Harash Mehta (D)          135800              UBS AG                                 13 sub

12        SS Palanimanickam          4800              Rothschild Bank AG               1 Main (4 sub)

13        Ketan Parikh                     8200               Bank COOP AG                     5 Main (2 sub)

14        Paban Singh Ghatowar      3908           Bank aek Genossenschaft         2 Main (1 sub)

15        R Sports World                29800           Aargauische Kantonal Bank    5 Main (17 sub)

16        HD Kumaraswamy     14500                 Bank Frei & Co. AG             1 Main (25 sub)

17        CP Krishnan Nair       4520                 B I Di Investimenti              1 Main

18        Laloo Prasad Yadav   29800        AKB P Bank, Zurich AG     2 Main (1 sub)

19        J M Scindia                 9000          Bank EEK AG                         5 Main (3 sub)

20        Kalanidhi Maran        15000           Clariden Leu AG                   15 sub

21        Karunanidhi                35000       Baloise Bank Soba                  8 Main (sub)

22        Sarath Pawar             28000        Alternative Bank ABS              4 Main (7 sub)

23        Kalmadi                      5900              UBS                                          4 Main (5 sub)

24        Chithambaram           32000       Rothschild AG                         19 sub

25        Raj Foundation          189008              LGT Bank of Leichestein         1 Main (45 sub)

26        Urvashi Foundation    289745            LGT Bank of Leichestein         2 Main (95 sub)

27        Ambrunova Trust       17658                 LGT Bank of Leichestein         1 Main (13 sub)

28        Arun Kochar               15450               LGT Bank of Leichestein           14 sub

29        Prabodh Mehta           1480                   LGT Bank of Leichestein         1 Main

must read this artical 

ये पोस्ट को ध्यान से पढ़ीए और सच्चाई जानीए की कॉंग्रेस किस तरहा काला धन वापस भारत मे लाने मे बाधा खड़ी कर रही है खासकर जो नीचे 3 लिंक दीये है उसे जरूर पढे  

THE ABOVE LIST IS PERFECTLY CORRECT. Check this site where the Supreme court has released the 26 holders in Swiss banks...